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Going to change my email address to a professional one! Still working on it. Wix wants me to contact Google but it has been over 180 days so I am still trying to figure it out

After all, I am a professional artist, teacher and mentor.

I want you to have confidence that I will not Spam you.

I need to do it by the end of the month or Facebook will not let me post. I will let you know what it is .

Anyone out there who is stressing about their job should take a look at the opportunity I am offering to you learn color mixing just by signing up to my web site. Especially those in Health Care. If you sign up to my site you'll get a free color mixing guide. I will be sending you more tips and lessons along the way.

I also work in Healthcare, and am a care-giver for a 90 year old. Married, my husband is older as well. It freaks me out when I see Covid Rising! My purse is filled with masks! I do not want to be the one to get it or bring it home.

Painting has always helped me cope with stress. The more stress I feel the more detail is in my paintings. After that I usually have a a free-style painting.

Come and join in. Do it for your-self care and joy!

Sign up on my home page.

You will be happy you did. I know the stories from the Health care industry about the burn-out. It has been proven by experts that learning how to paint will help you cope.

Happy New Year to you! This is the year to do something for yourself!


Mary Carroll


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