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As an artist and art educator, I am committed to providing quality instruction and showcasing my artistic talent. Over the past 41 years, I have had the honor of receiving comments from my students, patrons, and supporters. Which I am sharing with you here; so you can get a sense of who I am and what I am about. I am proud to have had the opportunity to share my passion for art and inspire others to create and  grow their vision of their Best Self thru their own Self-Care of learning about the wonderful world of Color Mixing. 


I invite you to read the reviews and join me on my artistic journey of # Create to Chill.   Bring  healing thru the arts to yourself and share with the ones you love what you have created.

The Tracker Shed.jpg

Susan L. MA 

Thank you Comment from Birthday gift she received from me for signing up to my web site with her Birthday Month.
"Thank you, Mary Carroll, the painting is lovely. I printed it on 3 1/2  X 5 inches matte paper and it looks great. I will use it for a card I'm going to send to my daughter, and, of course, I will note that it is "Stage Harbor Dock"  by you. Was it really 4 by 6 inches?
It feels larger.
Cheers to you and your Views of Hues!

Gretchen D. PA

Thank you Comment from Birthday gift she received from me for signing up to my web site with her Birthday Month. She also won the Mother's Day Color Quiz "What Color Are You!" Challenge; so she got 2 Images.
Hi Mary Carroll, Thank you so much for the truly beautiful digital images of your paintings. They are exquisite.  I am especially fond of the "Shed Garden". The colors look so luscious. I wanted to scoop them up with a spoon and eat them!!:-)
The second painting "The Conversation" was delicious too. 
Simply beautiful, thank you!!:-):-)

Fran C. . MA

Comment from Fran for a commission she hired me for when a loved one passed.
Good Morning!
I don't know how to thank you enough for the beautiful painting.  You did an amazing job. My cousin loves it so much! She said "That's my Jimmy!" Nothing else needs to be said. Thank you again.!!!!

Susan F. MA 

"Mary Carroll Allen has been one of my teachers at the center for the last 8 years. During that time, I have come to admire her social skills, her creativity, and her character. I have found Mary Carroll's energy, positive attitude, innovation, integrity and loyalty to be evident in all she undertakes.
Throughout these years Mary Carroll  has always begun her classes prepared. When students arrive, she has already created the environment necessary for us to learn, and she has developed plans that encourage us to progress bith academically and artixtically. She does not use class time for her own beneefit and she never settles for the the status quo of her students. Mary Carroll consististently pushes us to achive and tolearn. She has the :moxie" to try new things herself and to encourage her students to do the same. Her classroom behavior speaks to all the traits I've mentioned above, including her ability to innovate, her integrity in taking her commitment to the school and to the students seriously, and her loyalty to the the institution she serves."

Steve G. MA  

"As a teacher she's always encouraging, organized and taught me skills I never thought I had;  all of which are strong managerial skills. Additionally , she makes her classes inclusive, challenging and fun."

Susan M. 'MA

“ I have been a student at the Creative Arts Canter in Chatham , Ma for over a year. It has been a delightfully positive experience due in large part to my instructor, Mary Carroll Allen. Her classes are creative and fun, but also extremally challenging. Although I am a beginner working in oils, I have been fortunate to learn with other much more accomplished students working in various mediums. Her ability to work with all of us within one class, addressing the needs of each of us and allowing us to create our own style is truly remarkable.

This is Your Opportunity to
Grow Your Vision of You as An Artist

Are you ready to take the first step towards mastering the art of color mixing?

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Our # Create to Chill is growing. My goal is to fill the community with passionate artists and learners who share their creativity and knowledge.

I will be  offering  a variety of  lessons based on what you are looking  for.

Students of all skill levels are welcome .

My , oh my I am excited to support you in your artistic journey. Get started now!

Nancy Q. R.  MA

"When I think of Mary Carroll, I can hear her infectious giggle, her lovely soft voice helping students with their art; never criticizing and always encouraging. She gives great thought to her comments regarding their work. She is definitely the most able and knowledgable art teacher I have ever had the pleasure of studying with. It has been six years and she still has new adventures in art every lesson.

I have witnessed her with people; she has always been kind, courteous and unfailingly cheerful with everyone". 

Donley C MA

"Mary Carroll is a superb teacher: Patient, conscientious, thorough and extremally generous. As a long time artist, but new to oil painting since moving to Cape Cod, Mary Carroll has helped me improve to the point of confidently exhibiting!
I have taken 3 of her classes. She is a talented artist in pastels and oil and has equal talent in teaching the huge amount that she knows about art.
Her demonstrations are excellent and her critiques are invaluable! She is always dead on suggesting ways to improve a painting. She has the people skills to help students at all levels and the good humor to make learning fun and encouraging for everyone. Many of her students are older and c0me to art lacking self confidence, They couldn't find a better teacher to allow them to expand their ability and confidence.
Mary Carroll has obviously had an excellent art education.  She is never stumped by a question about art. I read voraciously and asked her about Lois Griffel's theory expounded in "The Impressionist Landscape."" 
Mary Carroll was able to explain, demonstrate, and lead her students in putting the rather abstruse color theory of the Cape Cod School of Impressionist Painting into practice. She is able to show us the subtle colors in shadows and reflections. You could take her classes over and over and never stop learning. Her talent is impressive and sets an example to aim for, but, her generosity in sharing knowledge is what sets her apart. Her imagination and enthusiasm are contagious. Mary Carroll should be Teacher of the Year!

Warren R  PA

Comments from One of My Professors at the Philadelphia College of Art.
He is commenting on my Journal of observations of painting's at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from September until December 1980. 
"I think it is funny to have a shadow described as funny- Like your personal way of getting involved with the work
I'd like to hear more about the the art theories ideas---  as opposed or related to your earlier analysis / response to Degas. 
Your work is a pleasure and particularly I like to follow you when you really "Zero" in."
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