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100 day project starts today!

Yesterday I finished this watercolor called Looking Ahead.

I think it is an appropriate title for this day.

This is a journey and all be it I have goals I want to obtain there may be disruptions along the way. At 4 am this morning I heard a crash in the house. My French Easel legs had collapsed on themselves and my large oil brush holder, a head bust that I have had since high school, had crashed to the floor along with all the jars and everything else that was stored on the easel. Lesson-lighten the load. A good one for all that is going on in the world! This was the second crash this week. My husband Glenn had given me the easel as a gift over 20 years ago. Superglue to the shoulder and keep it on the work bench.

Oh yes, the little watercolor is for sale. It's postcard size and it can be yours for $75.00,unframed, no shipping charge.

I have several goals for this 100 day project.

#1 Make Hollyhock seed packets and send to family and friends. Already have done that with 2 varieties of Hollyhocks and have sent some out. Create 2 more Hollyhock images.

I am working on a Pastel of the Carnival Hollyhocks and then I will start on the Peony Hollyhock image.

This is how it looks now. I'll update progress.

#2 Continue working on my Art/Garden/Food/Mystery Book

#3 acquire a CV-19 tracing certificate, am on week one now

#4 Be healthy, cut out Meat, Cheese and Sugar. Move everyday.

#5 Laugh more


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