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I thought I had published this blog for the 29th day ! It didn't Happen~

My 100 day project includes me getting back to painting every day. Have been feeling a bit rusty; been working on this painting now for 25 days but not every day. The balance is getting better.

I am benefiting from organizing my years of teaching notes. That is a huge undertaking!

Who is looking forward to spring ? The daffodils, hyacinths and day lilies are poking thru the ground. My plan is to get this painting done and send some seeds out to people who sign up and follow my site so they can get them planted in time.

Part of the studio has turned into a green house of sorts. The Cherry tomato and Beef Steak plants are getting bigger. Roma and Super Sauce tomatoes along with Tangerine Dream and Cherry Stuffer peppers are poking thru the soil in the kitchen under the grow lights. My Aero garden is great! Have been enjoying fresh lettuce daily. The plants really do grow faster than in regular soil. Today I'll plant some Eggplant seeds and some Mesculin.

With the Pandemic and being at home more it has been nice to see the nature I normally wouldn't see working in the office. I hope you are all safe and will continue to Wear a Mask, Social Distance, Wash your Hands , Eat healthy, Laugh and Love one another.

Please share the post and the first 20 people to sign up on the Home page will be sent some of these Carnival Hollyhock seeds from Cape Cod once I've finished the painting!

This is the 49TH day! March 11th

It's getting there. As you can see I have deleted some things so other things can stand out. That is what growth is about after all.

So the offer about the seeds still stands and if you are interested in purchasing this painting shot me an email. The painting is 9" X 10".

Short Blog today. Enjoy!


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