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New Print Offerings Cart will Open this Tuesday

In the past I have rarely offered a reproduction of a painting I've done until the original has sold.

That is going to change when I open up the cart for Print Sales and Card Collections in October! IT'S HAPPENING ON TUESDAY!

This is so exciting!

One of my subscribers had sent me a message that they loved all of my art and couldn't decide. Could I but together a card collection. Great idea. I can do that. They also would have liked to be looking at my art during their hospital stay but there was none there.

Let me whisper in your ear here -only subscribers to the web site will receive an incredible offer when the cart opens on Tuesday. This will be revealed via email. So please take a moment to give your self this opportunity.

Go to and subscribe. I also have a Facebook page for Mary's Views of Hues. Perhaps you know of someone who may also be interested, please share with them. I want to thank you in advance for your support.

I believe that having art in our environment is really important; it is a game changer and has more influence on us then we realize. I love doing my work for others and I am richly rewarded.

Before I forget, here is the newest painting. "Tea Garden".

The next piece I am starting to create is inspired by the Pond across the street from me. I'll be employing soft to deep greens, beige, brown, yellow, amber and blue.

Thanks for following along.

Until tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day.

Mary Carroll

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