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I am inspired to share some highlights from Alexander Theroux's three essays on

The Primary Colors.

I am starting with Blue, as he did, because it is the rarest color in Nature.

Get up and go stand in-front of your mirror and say the word Blue very slowly.

What happens to your lips?

Write it down.

You could even draw what you see if want to.

How does it fell when you say the word?

Write it down,

Does it remind you of an action you take once a year?

Write it down.

I will reveal what he has written at the end of the blog.

On the color wheel, Blue is the closest to white. They are often mixed together.

If you look at white sheets in the sunlight, their shadows are in the blue family. The same goes with snow, ice and glacial pools.

It is America's favorite color per Grace Mirabella , editor of Mirabella.

Mr Theroux writes the musical with the bluest motif is "High Society"!

Also in the book is a story about Liberace! Per his Biographer, Bob Thomas, he was a good cook. He had friends over for dinner and had made 2 trays of lasagna. At the end of it's cooking time, when the sauce in the dish was nice and bubbly, he reached for the parmeseon cheese and sprinkled a large amount on top of the dish. With in seconds it started turning blue. Can you imagine how that would make you feel? He wondered why so he repeated it on the second dish; the same thing happened. Liberace then looked at his hand and he saw he was holding a canister of COMET!

Blue is everywhere, it comes in so many hues and variations.

August on Cape Cod show-cases the lovliest blue skies and water. There are also Blue lobsters, My experience with them is what I have read in the local news . Most people return them to the ocean since it is so rare.

As a painter I do know that Blue works well for objects in the distance as a tint.

Blue is ethereal.

The Virgin Mary is drapped in Blue. It is the color of women and at the same time it represents baby boys.

Natural plants can produce shades of Blue Dyes. That is where indigo comes from.

So, what did the cow do when he ate blue grass?

He Mood Indigo!

And now for the answers : A Kiss, Soft wind, and Blowing out a birthday candle

Please share this with your friends and send me your thoughts on the color blue and any questions you may have below.


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