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What the 9th day of the 100 day project looks like!

I've had my first vaccine for CV-19 and the second one is scheduled. Have been diligent about practicing good habits and cutting out the bad fat and sugar to stay healthy. The thing about practicing is just that. It's an effort until it becomes a good habit. Slow is steady.

Look at this! The Carnival Peony is making progress! Anyone seriously interested in purchasing the final piece send an email to me at and I'll send you the particulars about it. I am having a good time with it and a good result is the pastels are getting a good cleaning and re-organization. I had made a good inventory of the studio and have a good idea of what I need for my other projects.

Super bowl is today! Even though we are having Steaks Tips I am making some New England Chowder as well and Apple turnovers. That's a treat in it's self.

Heavy snow, already have had to SHAKE SOME TREES so limbs don't break!

Valentine's day is coming up. If you want to treat a loved one to one of the paintings I have for sale I'll send it with free shipping for the month of February.

Here's the selection, if you have any interest email me at!

Hope you are having fun!

Stay Safe

Mary Carroll


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