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Exciting news about my web site Mary's Views of Hues, New Offer Coming


I have been painting and drawing since I was a young girl. Have had a few websites in the past. Have been selling in galleries, have won Regional prizes, have participated in National Art Exhibitions. This is my first time actually selling from my website. I know we all start somewhere and this is my serious start to dive and launch! The exciting thing I wanted to share is that I have never offered prints of paintings before the original is sold. Everyone should be able to enjoy! I am going to start doing that and I'll let you know soon when it will happen.

Recently I sent out a request to find out what type of images help people feel happy, healthy and have harmony in their lives. My goal, what I am supposed to do; I believe is to help people by having my art in their lives. Today I'd like to say a few words about PEACE and REST.

Here are 2 responses I received from my family.

After my younger brother's passing my youngest sister gave each one of my brothers and sisters, including myself, a memorial to my brother Brian who passed away from cancer. It says, "To the outside world we all grow old, but not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each others hearts... and live outside the touch of time". I trust my brothers and sisters (in-laws included) and what they have to say and how they feel. They've given me permission to share this with you. Thank you Pat and Bobby.

Pat wrote from Pennsylvania (originally I thought it was Karen his wife) sorry for the mishap Ricky:

Hey mc for me the best scene’s are water/beach love the blue colors with tans and even greenery

Robert from Virginia wrote:

Mary Carroll,

Art takes me back to Hawaii, where you found a way to capture the beauty and peacefulness we had there. (Summer of 1982)

It makes me appreciate events and times in my life, like "Sea Aviators", my flying days.

The color of earth elements, where in your early proof "Elements-1980", or in the sunset picture you framed for my birthday. They encourage me to find those peaceful images as I walk around outside.

"At Rest" available on web site

It opens my eyes to the creativity of my daughters, like the self-portrait that Kathleen did.

Art takes me on a peaceful and happy journey. Sometimes forwards, sometimes looking in the past, but always like a hand on my shoulder, giving me pause, giving me peace.

Thank you for keeping my eyes open.

Love ya,


I really am touched by my families response and support. They believe in me and what I do. I believe that my art work can really help people. If you haven't checked out the website yet, please do and subscribe so I can keep you up to date. Lots of great stuff is coming so please don't miss out and anytime you want to give input please do. I'll be sending two shout outs in the next 4-12 days so please remember to subscribe and share with everybody!

ART IS FOR EVERYONE - Hospitals, Yoga studios, meditation, home, day care, doctor office, public buildings, churches , etc.

About Peace and Rest.

We all need it.

Especially with the busy lives we all need. I find myself more calm when I am looking at something that is beautiful rather than something violent. Science has proven that color has the power to help us feel better and to help cure us. With a full time job how does an artist still find time to create? I schedule an appointment and make sure I show up with myself. Of course other stuff can happen when you least expect it; and you have to shift. That is life. I love my family and am not going to leave them like Gauguin and head off to Tahiti ; although I really like his work.

I choose to talk about these two colors because of Ricky and Bobby's responses in addition to earth or natural colors.

BLUE can help us feel: Aspiration, Devotion, Trust, Duty, Beauty, PEACE, Faith and Relaxation (REST)

Think water, the ocean, church art, blue sapphires, peacocks, blue skies... all uplifting images. On the flip side if you are feeling depressed stay away from Picasso's blue period paintings. Even though they have great depth of feeling they won't help you feel good in my opinion.

GREEN has an even broader reach and when combined with blue it's a holiday! It's the earth! It can sooth emotions, it shares well, it has adaptability and is very generous. It invites good judgement( think Green Light here or GO) . It creates space, freedom, harmony and the renewal of life. With all the positives I can see why it would be good to view art of this nature for healing and good feelings because real live green plants are always regenerating their cells, breathing and giving us good air to help us breath.

As in everything there are always 2 sides. Discord could happen with green depending on the hue you use. Think Grinch and there you have it. Think Envy and there it is again. Chartreuse is a nice color in moderation.


That is exactly what they are. They are made from the soil, rock, plants, wood. They are natural. They are the "glue" or resting places between the star and actor colors. They temper, they warm things up, they unify. Set a tone. Essential. I find no negative side to them. They were used by cave men and are still hanging around!

This is the First print of a several that will be offered when the cart opens in October. Of course the original is still available. It is titled "The Talk".

Subscribers to the site will receive pre-sale prices. Link is at bottom of home page.


Mary Carroll

P.S Thanks Becky (my niece for doing the logo)

Robert from Virginia wrote:

Mary Carroll,

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