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Here's some insight into how a painting comes about and why

I am just about finished the "Tea Garden" oil painting. It will be available in the OPEN CART coming this October. For those that have already subscribed to the web site, thank you very much. Subscribers have an advantage. They are the first to be offered the products at a reduced price for a limited time as a BIG THANK YOU! So, if you haven't already subscribed please do. There is a link on the home page at the bottom. It's not far away. I am really excited.

Memories and sentiments often have a strong pull in images I choose. Memories also have universal appeal. In this painting the tea cup belonged to Glenn's Great Aunt and Glenn's Mom loves carnations; a classic favorite. They are familiar, healthy and fresh. I did not want "clutter " in this painting because the rug itself has so much pattern. I would serve his mom tea in this cup and she felt very elegant drinking out of it. Luckily I had a photo of it before it broke.

Here is the first go on the painting. Eventually it will have wonderful rich magenta and maroon colors. Between the carnation decoration on the cup and the floral design off the table rug it will be a warm and inviting memory that anyone can enjoy and have a fresh and comfortable feeling.

More color and glazing (Glazing is adding a darker transparent color over an opaque lighter color ) has been added. Textures are being introduced so you can see the difference between textile and porcelain. Still a way to go.

Starting to add more color. A few adjustments to the image. But what till you see the finished image! I am trying to decide if the background curtain should remain. The Magenta color still needs to be added. It is a transparent type of color and needs to go over light opaque colors. It will be a really rich colored piece when it is completed. You'll be able to see it in my next blog.

So what is the color Magenta?

A member of the purple family. I've noticed its first appearance in the Hudson River School paintings as a bridge from one earth color to the next. In this painting it will work well as it unifies the changes in the rug.

Magenta is lovely, kind, supportive, refined and subtle. Can evoke great compassion and love as well as offer support.

Scientifically it is known to increase blood supply to the brain and nervous system. Helps headaches, colds, blood pressure and curbs aggressive behavior.

So an image of a tea cup, waiting for tea, anticipating the wonderful aroma of your favorite cut of tea with this lovely color can be very helpful in a genuine natural way. How can you go wrong! Stay tuned to see the finished painting and subscribe if you haven't already.

All my best to you and yours.


Mary Carrolll


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