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The Story of how I came up with #CreatetoChill

Blog #2

February 15, 2023


We know that adding colorful fruits and vegetables to our diets will give us better mental and physical health.

My experience is that adding color to your life will provide you with a rejuvenated mind set. Sometimes it is the color you are wearing that will initiate a change in you. Or a color you are looking at, or a walk thru color in the garden or along a nature path.

What would your life be like if you were able to create color by trusting your own creativity and your art supplies?

Life has been stressful since Covid started and to this day burnout is still an issue. By transforming your mindset to chill mode, you will forget about stressors. The act of mixing color will help you achieve better balance and move you away from burnout.

TOP SECRET (for Create to Chill minds)

Why should you get involved with color mixing? Color mixing keeps your mind open.

Your insecurities will diminish when you focus attention and energy on your own needs and finding new ways to meet them. At your own pace. Self-belief can uncover your creative potential and help you reach your goals. Can you see the smiling faces of your friends and family when they see your increasing mastery of color mixing.

The pressure to perform and the negative self-talk and doubts about your abilities, that you are below par will start to dissipate. As you go out of your comfort zone and into the next zone your confidence will get better and better. I want this for you.

The Voices of Spring will start to sing!

Seek out your community, if you think you can, that’s half the battle.

Give yourself permission to be creative. It is okay to take risks and make mistakes. If you make mud you can learn to mix color accurately. Keep on experimenting and trying different things out. Bring your ideas to life!

This is an opportunity to make you resilient, so you won’t quit. Break barriers when you meet new challenges. Delays are not Denials.

Originally, I came up with #ChillbyColoring! I thought “that works”. One of my early memories is about coloring. I was around 4 and there was always a big coffee can of crayons on the top step, on the left-hand side going down the stairs to the basement. It was there for convenience. If you wanted to color at the kitchen table, you did not have far to go to get it and if you wanted to go the basement with a bunch of friends you could grab it as you went down the stairs. It was always returned to that same spot. When my mom moved from our childhood home in the early 2015 and we were cleaning out the house, that coffee can of crayons was in the same spot it had been for over 40 years. It was passed on to the younger children in the clan.

#ChillbyColoring is good but did not encompass everything.  Then it went to #ChilltoCreate. I was getting closer!  I lived with that for about a week. I would take about 10 minutes a day thinking about that. When I flipped the two words and saw #CreatetoChill I said, “Artfully done Mary Carroll. That is, it!”


Go get your very own Free Color missing guide. Join my website , form is on the home page and get Mixing Color tips via email.

Thank you,

Mary Carroll   XXX


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